About Michael and his music for healing 

 Welcome to msj-music : the website for Falling Water, Mist and Sand, and Winter. CDs specifically composed, performed, and recorded by composer/pianist Michael Strening Jr. as a tool for massage therapy, relaxation, stress relief, meditation, and healing.

 Years ago, during the release of Michael's first solo album(Sunrise), he developed carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome in both of his wrists and elbows. After being told by several medical professionals that he may never play piano again, Michael began working with a massage therapist; who crafted a rehabilitation and recovery plan that allowed Michael to continue his musical career - and which he continues to follow to this day. As a way of saying thank you to the LMT and the countless massage therapists who work everyday to provide real and clinical healing to people throughout the world, Michael has dedicated his solo career to writing music specifically for use by massage therapists - as well as anyone else in need of relaxation, stress relief and healing. 

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Latest album out now


Michael’s new release, “Winter”, is a collection of relaxing interpretations of Holiday music. All of his improvisations and arrangements are designed to enhance relaxation and contemplation.